fashion // new year new baubles


I love jewelry…I do. I acquired some new pieces over the holidays.

I love simple jewelry. I am not a fancy girl so I am not a fan of fancy jewelry. Since my dad has a jewelry store, there are times I commission him to make me jewelry that I design in my head. But there are other times I love to shop for jewelry and a few of my favorite places from major retailers are Madewell, Jcrew, and Kate Spade. Jcrew currently is selling Catbird jewelry online which I love.

My favorite piece from the picture above is my M necklace as it stands for Maxwell, my son. (Which by the way still sounds so weird to me! Weird but great.)

Jewelry in the picture is from 1.Madewell (no longer available) 2. Jcrew 3. Jcrew 4. Elizabeth and James 5. Saturday by Kate Spade  6. Nixon



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