photo .. holiday photo shoot

I am now officially one of those people that will send a holiday card out with a photo of the family on it.

In order to do so, I enlisted another talented friend to take our photos. I know, I have a lot of photographer friends and they are all different but great at what they do. Jenny made taking pictures with a newborn really easy and fun! Since she has a son of her own, she really knows how to capture kids at their best and worst and make it all look so cute. Check out her website here, you can get more information and see her portfolio.

Anyways, Max was behaving up until a certain point at which point he spit up down his front and then proceeded to have a melt down. I suggest you bring some pumped breast milk or formula on hand to calm the baby down at a photoshoot. It seemed to do the trick on little Max and he was able to get a few more photos after his meltdown.

The pictures from our holiday photoshoot is below. One of my absolute favorites is the last photo of Yap copying Max crying. The second to the last photo is what we used for our holiday cards this year.







4 thoughts on “photo .. holiday photo shoot

  1. So cute! Love the last one too! Max has got that furrowed brow look down! BTW, you’re allowed to be one of those people who send out holiday cards since you actually have a family! (I will not be sending photos of Len and Osiris. I’m not that crazy of a cat lady!)

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