photo .. maternity shoot

Back in August when I was 8 months pregnant, Yap and I did a maternity photo shoot with one of my best friends, Monica Roy. I have been meaning to post this awhile back!! We wanted to capture my pregnancy since this is our first child. She did a phenomenal job and it was even featured on a blog called Inspired By This! Click here to check it out.

We had a great time even though it was a bit chilly outside. She does a great job in giving direction on how to pose so that you look your absolute best in the photos. I would definitely check out her website if you are in need of photographer for weddings, lifestyle, fashion shoots, etc. Click here to check out her website.

As I was asked about where I got my maternity clothes, I shopped at Old Navy (that’s where the dress is from) and Gap. Great places to get maternity clothes. Max’s shoes are from Zara (no longer available).

Check out the photos below from our session:

Soerha Andrew Maternity-99

Soerha Andrew Maternity-79

Soerha Andrew Maternity-216

Soerha Andrew Maternity-28

Soerha Andrew Maternity-25

max .. newborn photoshoot

One of my nearest and dearest friend, Vivian, took beautiful pictures of Max shortly after he was born. He was only 8 days old at the time of the photoshoot.

A friend recommended to do a newborn photoshoot as they regretted not doing one because the newborn look lasts for such a short amount of time and you do want to remember it. And I am glad that we did it. A newborn isn’t the greatest looking baby but when it’s your baby, they are beautiful to you at any stage.

But, he’s so much less squishy faced now. :) And so am I. I love that Vivian was able to capture him while he was awake and even one where he’s sort of smiling. If you need a photographer I highly recommend Vivian. You can access her website here. You can see her body of work and you will be able to contact her via the website. She’s amazing!!!

Below are the photos from our newborn photoshoot with Vivian





max .. maxwell tae yang yap

On Wednesday September 24th at 1:19PM our beautiful baby boy Max was born.

He came in screaming into the world and then decided to pee on me right after one of the nurses plopped him on me.

My labor was pretty easy in comparison to the stories I have read and heard so I really need to thank him for not being an exceptionally big baby (esp not having a big head)…

He eats really well …. and not knowing about cluster feedings, I was in complete shock of how much he was eating.

I can’t say everything is going wonderfully and things are all sunshine and rainbows because that is just not realistic with a newborn. However, we are over the moon with this little guy. Yap and I can’t still believe that we are parents.

For me, I was shocked to not immediately feel like a mother once he was born. I am doing all the things for this guy to make sure he’s thriving in his new world but feeling like a mother is taking a lot longer than I expected. I guess it is because I still feel like a kid in some ways.

One thing for sure though is that feeling of selfishness of my time is completely out the window. And for women who are able to breastfeed, they have such a mental toughness to get through it. I use Netflix and my iPad to get through the pain. . .especially when he cluster feeds.

Although, it is really cute when he eats too much and gets milk drunk. See picture below.

2014-09-29 16.19.23

house .. kitchen reno complete

The kitchen renovation turned out better than expected. We bought the cabinets from Ikea, Akurum cabinets with Adel (off-white) doors. It was the cheapest and most efficient option we could go with. We bought two new appliances a dishwasher and double oven/stove. I love them so much as they improved our lives significantly. The apron sink is from Kohler and the faucet we bought at After being inspired by more higher end brands, we used those sites to figure out what style we were looking for and went with cheaper options. And we went with gray glass subway tiles instead of going with a different color because I wanted this kitchen to look timeless and not think about changing it for a VERY long time. We did oak floors in the kitchen so that it just matched the rest of the flooring on the bottom level instead of a more durable tile. The floors matching the rest of the house really extends the house. One of the best features in the house is the door with the side-lite because it adds more light into the space and it acts as a window.

The last picture shows where the dining room built in was and how they were able to match the original details of the house. Now a coffee cart is in the corner of where the built in was.

We are so happy with the new kitchen as it added a lot more space and a lot of it was just a reconfiguration of the existing kitchen and stealing the small closet space of the downstairs bedroom!


max .. countdown begins

I know my last post is still in reno mode. We have completed the renovations and my closest friends Hana, Monica, and Rachana threw a very lovely baby shower in our newly renovated place. The renovation completed the night before the baby shower. Being pretty pregnant at that time, Andrew and I had to clean and put everything back. It was a bit stressful.

I do promise to post pictures of the final renovation but I am waiting for cleaners to come and make the place sparkle before I take the final pictures.

This post is to commemorate my 39th week of being pregnant. One more week until the due date but I have been told that I am most likely going to be late. :P

Unless the little guy comes out being bigger than a newborn size (7.5 pds or less), below is his “going home” outfit. It’s all from Baby Gap.


house .. reno week 5

Progress is being made! The kitchen cabinets are up and some of the doors are on. The bathroom floor has been put in the herringbone pattern that I wanted and the beadboard is up. Bathroom is half way complete! Just paint and putting the toilet, tub, and vanity in. There’s still a bit to do in the kitchen. The back of the house is complete though. They re-stuccoed and painted the outside.

We have 1.5 weeks to go so hopefully everything gets finish in time…

Kitchen - Window Side

Kitchen - Other Side



house .. reno week 4

So…the renovation is going a little slower than planned. The renovations will probably finish only a few days before the baby shower but if we can just make sure it sticks to the few days before, we should be ok….

It is coming along though…


Base cabinets are in, along with the new wood floors. We still have upper cabinets to install, refinish floors, install doors and hardware, paint, and add the appliances.


Kitchen Door



One of the doors has been walled up, entry to toilet area has been made, subfloors in. We still need to install tile floors, put sink, toilet, and tub back in. Oh and the new medicine cabinet will be installed as well.


The bedroom downstairs had the door to the back removed and walled up and the closet is gone. The space we thought we lost is not as much as we thought. That’s the good news. We’ve got 3 weeks to go so I hope this week, we make a lot more progress!

Then we can move on to prepping for the baby….

house .. demolition day

Since moving in with my parents, I haven’t been up to see the house often. I did want to post a few pics of the demolition just so you can see what the progress looks like.

Built in Before


Built in After


Kitchen from Dining Room


Opening from Toilet into Tub and Sink room


And there you have it. The demo took awhile because they stopped in between to finish up another job. They re-piped most of the house and installed our new tankless water heater which have pros and cons but for us it is worth the investment. This week they took out the awful tile floors in the kitchen. In the bathroom, they made a hole in the wall so that our bathroom becomes one room. They created a venting system so we could install a fan and moved our pedastal tub outside. Renovating an old house with more modern conveniences is A LOT of work. A LOT more than I think we were anticipating. We are just really excited for this to be over. I know Yap really really is looking forward to it.

house .. renovation begins

We have started our renovation to our Kitchen and Bathroom.

Our house was originally built in 1915 and was once a summer home for people.
That being said, the kitchen is tiny and the bathroom is separated in two with the toilet in one space and the sink and bathtub in another. That has some positives in itself but Yap and I decided that it would be best to join it as one room.

For the Kitchen, we are taking some space from the guest room closet so that the Kitchen becomes a rectangular space and we can make our galley kitchen extend on both sides. There will be a door with a side light that will lead out to the deck that Yap is rebuilding.The entrance into the Kitchen will be extended and it will feel so much more spacious.

As for the bathroom, we are closing up the door leading to the toilet and cutting a hole between the toilet room and bathtub and sink. We are going to refinish the pedastal tub to keep the feel of the house. Plus its much cheaper to refinish a tub then to buy a whole new one and try to remove a super heavy pedastal tub. Also, we got some good deals on some really nice finishes that will match the tub.

Below are some pictures of what our Kitchen and Bathroom look like BEFORE the renovation started. There is one photo of the demo of our Kitchen.

Bathroom Sink and Tub


Bathroom Toilet

View of Kitchen Sink (Before)


View of Kitchen Sink (After – Demo)


More pictures of the progress to come!

It’s Really Been Awhile

I know I said this in my last post but it really has been awhile!

Between November and now so much has happened.

December was not only filled with celebrating the holidays but Yap and I went to Canada to visit the family. In January, we celebrated his grandma’s 100th birthday. Pretty big milestone. Pictures of that event to come in a later post.

Not only was January a celebration of Yap’s grandma’s birthday but we found out that we are having a baby! :D

We found out right before Yap went on his annual hockey tournament to Chicago. Literally a few hours before he hopped on the plane. I told him I could not wait to find out until he got back so I took a test and yep, I was right. 

February-March was a blur of nausea and discomfort.

April – we decided that we were going to renovate the house before the kid is born and go to Korea. We are kind of nuts.

May – 2 weeks in Korea with my mom and dad and Yap. Celebrated my birthday.

And now here I am and its the end of May and I am 24 weeks into my pregnancy and things are good. 

We are going to start the renovations soon so I am going to pack up and move in with my parents for a little while until part of the renovations are done.

First half of 2014 has been a blur and I am pretty sure the next half will be too. But at least we will have a house that’s renovated and a new baby to enjoy it with.

Here’s to the rest of 2014. Cheers!