It’s been awhile

I haven’t posted anything on my blog since January of this year!

Keeping up with the blog felt like a chore and I didn’t find I had a lot of inspiration.

But I am giving it another go and we’ll see how well I fare this time. :)

Look out for new posts coming soon. 


Wrapping up our trip to Asia…

We headed back to Geoje-do after touring Japan.

After a couple of days of recovering from the worst food poisoning in my life, we headed out to the P.O.W camp museum in Geoje-do.

Here is a pic of me standing in line to get food with prisoner statues



Vietnamese style Shabu Shabu for lunch.



Korean BBQ at Michael Jackson restaurant (called that because you wear one white glove to eat).

Korean BBQ glove


The next day for lunch we had 2PM Pizza, called that because 2PM (Korean boy band) endorses it.

2PM Pizza


Duck BBQ. If you like duck, this is awesome. (I don’t, so it wasn’t so awesome for me).

duck bbq


My cousin’s boyfriend used to work at NekoManma in Seoul. This place is really good. I can’t even tell you what the picture below was but it was a fish dish and it was my favorite of the night.



After this we went and got Korean style shaved ice called patbingsu



After a super gluttonous meal and dessert, we went to Cheonggyecheon stream. This is a revitalized man-made stream where everyone hangs out at night.



The next day we got seafood fried pancakes called haemul pajun.



Watching Pungmul at the Folk Village

drummer dancers


A form of public punishment simulated by a father and son.



Gyeoungbokgung Palace, built in the 1300s, home to kings and queens, and destroyed many times.



Bukchon Village, traditional korean wooden homes called hanok.



After another week in Korea, we were ready to go home and see our dog and loved ones.



I can’t wait to go back. It was such an amazing trip and it really made me appreciate a part of who I am.


It’s been awhile friends but I promised my friend a LONG time ago that I would finish up my Asia trip. So here goes:

After KOREA WEEK 1, we headed off to Japan.

First stop was Osaka. I absolutely love that Japan cities feel really vibrant with color, people, and life. People are extremely nice…perhaps a little too nice?

Japan 1

Food! Takoyaki (T) and Okonomiyako (B)

takoyaki okonomoyaki

Tonkatsu with Indian spices……so good.


We headed next to Kyoto …. no trip to Japan is complete without a picture of plush sushi ^_^ sushi dolls

Meal at Giro Giro (this is one dish of 7-8).


Nijo Castle (no not the one in Fremont… ;) )


Train station leaving Kyoto and heading to Tokyo



TOKYO! We met up with Yap’s friend Munehisa and his wife. First night, yakitori!


We went to Tsukiji Market and went through the Fish Market and ate sushi at 6AM. So early. sushi

And this guy made it. He looks totally legit.


Hello Kitty market because it REALLY isn’t complete without seeing that.

hello kitty

Sukiyaki at a restaurant there since the 1800′s.


People write wishes and put them up near temples. I hope they come true. wishes                        

Beach town Enoshima.


And finally Shibuya. After this I don’t want to remember the rest of the days in Japan because I got massive food poisoning and I’d rather not talk about it. shibuya

Korea Week 1

I decided 2012 would be the year I would return to Korea. The last time I was there I just graduated Junior High.

After a 14 hour flight, we landed in Incheon airport, we rushed to get to the train station to make our 6pm train to Busan. We missed it because of being delayed in SFO. (Grrr….) After finding out that all other trains were sold out going to Busan, we went to Seoul and found a hotel to stay for the night.

We were so jetlagged that we missed dinner. The next we woke up at 3AM and had to keep ourselves occupied to not think of our hunger. At 7AM, we decided to wander around and find some food. Since our hotel was near Namdaemun market, we headed over there and found a small alley way of restaurants.

Our first meal in Korea, Kimchi fried rice and spicy rice cakes (dukbokki).







After our meal, we finally made it down to Busan and met up with my aunt and her family. My aunt lives Geoje-do, the second biggest island off of South Korea. She took us around the island and neighboring islands. Below is a picture of one of the Buddhist temples we visited. In Korea, they were celebrating Buddha’s birthday which happened to be on May 28th this year.











A meal in Geoje-do, the restaurant specialized in oysters. Since it was not oyster season, they did not serve any raw. It was all cooked oysters but still delicious. We had oysters six different ways, either steamed, in a salad, fried rice, mixed with spicy sauce, etc.











After spending some time in Geoje-do, we headed over to Jeju-do with my aunt. Jeju-do is one of the natural 7 wonders of the world and is the biggest island off of South Korea. It is known as the “Hawaii” of South Korea. It’s such a beautiful island based off volcanic formations with such attractions as lava tubes, submarine rides, horse back riding, folk villages (that people still reside in!), and teddy bear museums.











Jeju-do is known for their black pig. I am not a fan of pork so Yap had a plate of pork belly from the famous black pig.







Another meal in Jeju-do, king crab…..that was amazing!! They took the bell part of the crab and made fried rice with. I hate the bell part of the crab but as fried rice it was actually good.







It was such an amazing start to being back in Asia. It was also fun because Yap has never been to Asia. It was fun to see what he thought (mostly good) and to experience Asia as an adult was so much more fun. We had some challenges, Yap is a big guy and sitting on the floor and eating was difficult, but we totally embraced the culture, the people, and the food (duh). We were excited to go to Japan. The frenetic pace and more amazing food was exciting us for more new experiences. I have never been to Japan so I was really looking forward to seeing what it would be like.

After Jeju-do, we hopped on a plane to Osaka, Japan. And thus began our 1 week journey in Japan.

Mixed Metals

I just bought this necklace from Madewell.

I love the use of mixing different types of metals in jewelry. My wardrobe is starting to evolve and jewelry is now becoming a more understated focal point. Or just buy clothing or shoes with studs on them. That works too haha.


Lumberjack Cool

I made Yap take a picture of my outfit today because I liked the way it made me look Lumberjack cool.

4 takes later….











Shirt: Zara //Jeans: bebe // Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware

I also got these shoes on a recent shopping trip to Zara and will wear them soon.











I have a thing for studs.